A Time-Honored Brand's Journey into Modern Corporate Responsibility

Image Credit: Photo by Ethical Swag

Author: Tara Milburn

As part of our New Product Launch Series, today we want to highlight one of our products and suppliers:  Stanley.  This viral sensation has a backstory that is worth reading and we are proud to carry their products (please note: currently only available in the USA).

Stanley:  A Time-Honored Brand's Journey into Modern Corporate Responsibility

In the corporate world, where profit often takes center stage, Stanley emerges as a standout example of a brand that harmoniously blends profitability with a deep-seated commitment to social responsibility. It's a story not just about financial success, but about creating a meaningful impact in the world.

Stanley’s Evolution: Adapting to the Times with Purpose

Stanley, with its rich heritage, has taken a remarkable path in modernizing its approach. Founded in 1913, it's a brand that has seen it all, yet remains as relevant today as ever. This relevance is not just a result of time-honored products, but also of an ever-evolving strategy that aligns with today’s environmental and social imperatives.

The Stanley Creators Fund: A Testament to Purpose-Driven Profit

At the heart of Stanley’s corporate ethos is the Stanley Creators Fund. This isn't just a funding initiative; it's a beacon of how businesses can drive positive change while thriving commercially. With grants of up to $50,000, Stanley is investing in innovative minds working at the intersection of humanity and sustainability. It’s a clear message: profit and purpose, rather than being at odds, can coexist and even complement each other.

Sustainable Products: The Core of Stanley’s Business Strategy

Stanley’s approach to product design and development is a prime example of this synergy. Their durable, long-lasting products made from recyclable stainless steel and BPA-free plastics aren't just good for the environment; they're also good for business. By focusing on sustainability, Stanley addresses a growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, showcasing that caring for the planet can also be commercially rewarding.

Corporate Responsibility: More Than Just a Slogan

Beyond their products, Stanley’s commitment to corporate responsibility extends to tangible actions against climate change and ecosystem degradation. Their partnerships and initiatives in these areas reinforce the idea that a company can be a powerful agent for environmental and social good. Stanley is proving that corporate responsibility isn't just a peripheral activity or a marketing slogan; it's an integral part of their business model.


Stanley, a brand synonymous with durability and reliability, has skilfully reinvented itself in the age of corporate responsibility. Through initiatives like the Stanley Creators Fund and its sustainable product lines, Stanley demonstrates that a legacy brand can not only embrace the challenges of the modern world but can also be at the forefront of addressing them.