What do Certified B Corporations and Great Chocolate Chip Muffins have in common?

Image Credit: Photo by Anete Lusina / Pexels

Author: Tara Milburn

Originally published June 2020

It is very simple these days to buy a box of muffin mix that allows you to just add water and “poof” you have made muffins. A close inspection of the ingredients in the mixture might give you second thoughts about eating one of the muffins, even though they look fine. The unremarkable taste also means that usually they are not worth the calories.

How about an amazing recipe for vanilla cake – baked in muffin tins. Oh, wait, people actually want chocolate chips so you sprinkle them on top. Much better than instant muffin mix, but it is easy to pick off the chocolate and be left with what everyone else has.

All great chocolate chip muffins start with a fantastic yet simple recipe and high-quality ingredients.

Now, have you ever had that muffin. You know instantly that it looks different and it also tastes different. Not only is the recipe great, but they have used all the freshest ingredients and the chips are baked right in. And it doesn’t just look good, this one is totally worth the calories!

What if we create a recipe for a new kind of corporation where profits are still the goal but care and attention is paid to all the ingredients. Yes, the ingredients include staff, clients, suppliers, community and the planet.

It is not about making it look good, it needs to have substance. In the world of fake news and bogus reviews, how do we really know if a company is doing as they say? Who can we trust?

B Labs does the heavy lifting for you with B Corp Certification. They are a global not-for-profit that performs extensive audits on organizations willing to be transparent about how they function. No stone is left unturned when it comes to the important things: employee engagement and pay, environmental practices, supply chain, the list goes on. They make sure the company is not made from an off-the-shelf muffin mix where you just add water. More importantly, they uncover those muffins that are something else but have sprinkled chips on top to make them look good.

At Ethical Swag, we know it is not what you say, but what you do, that matters. We make it easy to build loyalty and awareness with clients and staff. Making people feel good and connected is more important than ever.

Ethical Swag creates customized, sustainable products branded with your logo, packaged together and shipped directly to individuals for on-line events, top clients, and staff working from home. We also make it easy with a full service, ecommerce portal for bulk orders.

Our B Corp Certification lets you know that the chocolate is baked right into our recipe (not sprinkled on top) and that we have only the finest ingredients. We are transparent and have been audited to a global standard to make it easy for you to know you can trust us.

Life is so much better when we can find and buy the best easily. Trust us, we have a good recipe.