How to make sure your swag choices align with your corporate goals and objectives

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Businesses are built on a combination of dreaming and planning, and the most successful businesses are those that inspire others to dream along with them. Companies that set out clear corporate goals and values and embody them in their everyday practices tend to attract the best talent, as they are not just providing a paycheck, but a sense of purpose and an outlet for creativity. 

The benefits of leading with values are numerous. Employees who have internalized company values display increased commitment, improved teamwork, and higher overall satisfaction, while customers who really believe in what a company is doing are much more likely to establish a long-term relationship with the brand. The positive feedback loop that this relationship creates makes purpose-driven businesses uniquely able to stand the test of time.

One of the best ways to get employees invested in your corporate goals and objectives is to provide them with exciting swag packs. To get the most out of the gifts you give, they should embody the values your company is built on. Below are some essential tips for doing so.

Be Transparent

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Sustainability has rightfully become a guiding value for an increasing proportion of companies and people. An increasing proportion of individuals are trying to make the transition to more ecologically sound habits, but, with so much information out there, many don’t know where to start. By giving out swag that embodies their commitments, companies can help empower employees to integrate sustainable choices into their everyday lives.

Of course, the best way to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability is to select products that are genuinely sustainable. Opting for this ensures that you are purchasing from manufacturers that have been audited to the highest global standard for sustainability. These products and initiatives are great jumping-off points for further conversations about sustainability. Similarly, choosing products that support nonprofits such as TenTree and 1% For The Planet is a great way to give your swag packs a tangible positive impact while introducing employees to the amazing work that these organizations are doing.

Be Helpful

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One of the best ways to ensure that your swag speaks to your corporate goals and objectives is to ensure that your employees can actually integrate it into their everyday lives. Swag packs that contain items employees will use once (or never) and then throw away do not embody a commitment to sustainability in the same way that a pack containing exciting and useful items does. Picking something that an employee will get lasting use out of, such as a sustainable tote bag, shows that your organization is committed to sustainability for the long haul.

Swag packs can also provide employees with items that will help them incorporate sustainability into their work routines. For example, a recycled water bottle can help employees remember to stay hydrated on the job and will provide them with many years of use. If your company requires employees to take notes, a plantable notepad and a branded sustainable pencil can bring the fun and enthusiasm of receiving a gift into the day-to-day job experience.

Be Exciting

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Companies that take sustainability seriously understand that the best way to get people to make positive change is through inspiration and encouragement. When you use sustainable products to put a smile on someone’s face or make them do a double take–like when you tell them that they can compost their new T-shirt – you can truly change people’s perspectives on the goods they buy and use every day.

A “wow” factor is always important when gift-giving, and being sustainable does not mean having to sacrifice this one bit. Who would not be thrilled to receive a levitating bluetooth speaker made of bamboo or a footrest made of recycled chopsticks? Gifts like these–which combine an earthy aesthetic with sci-fi functionality–help make employees feel like they’re riding the wave of the future.

Conclusion: Keep on Giving

The best way to ensure that your swag choices align with your values is to get clear about exactly what those values are and then think about how to communicate them in a creative, exciting way. There are plenty of companies out there making extraordinary innovations in all aspects of sustainability, from making sustainable versions of familiar tech products to supporting nonprofits dedicated to improving the world. Keeping an eye out for unique products and remaining conscious of sustainability certifications helps you demonstrate that your company is serious about its values and excited about sharing them with employees.