CL INQ #255 - Logitech


      Hello Logitech folks!

      Thank you for choosing Ethical Swag to help welcome your new remote staff to the team! We've created these 3 Swag Pack Ideas based on product quality + design, product give-back initiatives, their availability for the 20 packs required, and, of course, the stipulated budget. We believe that these Swags will symbolize a warm welcome hug and be part of the day-to-day of your staff during their work hours and leisure time.

      A few notes:
      - For more information on each product, including available colors, please click on the link on each product title in the Swag Pack description and you'll be redirected to their product page.
      - The displayed Swag Pack price includes 1-color decoration for each product (except the MiiR bottles which are Laser Engraved)
      - All products (and their colors) can be changed, these are just ideas to get started!
      - Please note that the prices DO NOT include shipping to our warehouse for Swag Pack kitting (this will be calculated once you decide on the products for the pack!) or the dropshipping fee for each address.
      - And finally, keep in mind that we can produce samples branded or blank prior to sending the order to production (a fee for each product + shipping will apply).

      Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions: SWAG@ETHICALSWAG.COM or call +1 877-256- 6998.



      Tainá Feitosa - Product Curator

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